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The Zack Network now offers E-Mail for domains hosted with us.   That's right, if you have a domain, you can get unlimited mailboxes @yourdomain.com!   Here's what our e-mail services feature:

  • Unlimited Space for your Mailboxes!  There is no size limit!

  • Unlimited Mailboxes @yourdomain.com!  You can request as many as you want and I'll keep adding them!

  • WebMail System - Available 24/7, allowing you to access your email from anywhere at anytime.

  • Support for all POP3 Mail Clients (Microsoft Outlook, and much more!)

Information About Accessing Email
When you log into your email account, your username must be your FULL e-mail address (example: yourusername@yourdomain.com).   You just can't type in yourusername, you must type in the entire email address as your username.   If you don't, then you will get an error when logging in. 

Access WebMail System Here!
Use your full e-mail address as your username!

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